Forward: A Not So Secret Hint To Your Secret Santa

Nov 13, 2023

*** Now Through Cyber Monday *** Get a $20 Gift card for every $100 you spend at 239 and 828 Flies! Offer has no limit and gift cards do not expire!

(Offer excludes Stiffy Push Poles. Increments of $100 pretax value) 

If you've been sent this blog post, congrats, someone was thinking about you and wanted to take the guesswork and stress out of your holiday shopping...for them. Pretty damn thoughtful right!? So here's a comprehensive list of some solid gift giving options that'll be sure to make them smile... or scream... you choose your/their excitement level. 

Gifts from $20ish-$75ish 

So chances are this person shops and is a fan of 239 and/or 828 Flies and is a supporter of the Fuzzy Empire. Chances also are that they'd really dig a hat or tee from their favorite fly shop as to say "This is pretty much where my paychecks should get direct deposited to save on transaction fees." Our new hats are pretty sick, and so is pretty much anything we stitch, sow, or laser engrave our name in. If he/she already has a kick ass 239 hat collection, perhaps they... I don't know, get thirsty every once in a while? Some custom 239/828 Yeti products will NEVER disappoint.

Gifts From $75ish-$150ish 

This gift range is a little more specific, a little deeper than your average work sponsored Secret Santa and Holiday Party gift exchange Carol is so freaking pumped about making her famous deviled eggs for. Chances are if you're spending $75+ on them, you can walk in their closet and see what size shirt they wear... or the garage to see what weight that fly rod is (its going to say "# weight" near the cork part, that's the same number fly line you'll need to order) for a nice new fly line. 

Gifts From $150ish-$300ish

At this point you can add me to your secret Santa list as well. We're moving out clothes and into some goods/gifts that'll keep them a new entry level fly tying vise, that will save your house another device from sucking up all the wifi. 

Gifts From $300ish-$750ish


So this is likely someones main event. Lets not let them down, because clearly if you're looking in this category, they have yet to let you down...good on them right?

  • Nautilus Reels (call the shop to see what we've got in stock, or can get you in time. If you see "IN STOCK" in the product title, complete that purchase..its likely not going to be there tomorrow)
  • Tibor Reels (same, give us a shout, or hurry us and grab that "IN STOCK"
  • G Loomis IMX V2 - An outstanding rod that doesn't have a comma in the price tag. Go in the garage and see what number they don't have. Or which rod they do have that looks beat to hell. 
  • Turtle Box- The turtle box is simply awesome! its loud, clear, crisp sounding and is completely waterproof! I have one for my boat and it's louder and better sounding than many of my friends marine stereo systems. Highly HIGHLY recommended gift right here! 

Gifts From $1K+ and for the person who has seems to have everything-ish

My full name is Nicolas F. Davis and I'd love to be in your will. Thank you for your consideration in advance.

  • In stock Abel reels - Abel makes the most custom and most unique reel pieces we offer. They are truly small batch produced and our 239/828 X Bre Drake Co finished Abel reels are actually one of a kind. If your lucky gift recipient loves redfish and our fuzzy empire, you can't go wrong.
  • A high performance fly rod - There's a lot to cover here, it would be best to give the shop a shout and speak with a knowledgeable member of our team. They'll love the gift, and you won't have to wonder what the difference between 8 different models are...yes there's a big difference. 
  • A new Rod/Reel combo - Same steps as above, but together. We'll put something together for you that'll induce some serious waterworks or loud exciting screaming sounds.
  • And for the angler in your life that has everything, consider giving them a beautiful Seaholm Timepiece. They're gorgeous luxury Swiss made watches from a company based in Austin Tx. They amazing automatic watches and tailored to the fly fisherman that already has everything. I always tell people "If you're a doctor you buy a Rolex, if you're pilot your buy a brieghtling, if you're an accountant...or a secret agent/British spy, you buy an Omega...but if you're a fly fisherman, you buy a Seaholm.