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Pure Flex Eight Weight

So with all rod models having sweet spots in their weight offerings, the 8 weight is often the blandest of the bunch. This is because the 8wt if often the base that the model line is built off of. Rod companies will design the taper for a 8, then step it up or step it down for saltwater sticks. There are a few rods where every weight in the line is as good as the next, and the Asquith is one of them. The 8 is pure bliss. There's no match for it in terms of durability, power, feel, responsiveness, accuracy, and just plain sexiness. The Asquith is the best rod on the market, and the 8 is the best of the Asquith line. Pair this top of the line rod with the bespoke Abel X 239 SDS 7/8 reel with a custom tarpon finish and we'll even help you lie to your wife about how much you spent on it... while you silently flex on your buddies and all of the gram. Given that you can do anything with this rod and reel, we recommend keeping the fly line in the do it all category as well. The 40 foot taper and slightly heavier SA Amplitude Grand Slam fly line...which we'll give you for free with this set up. 


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