3 Tand T150

Weights 13-15

Line Capacity (yds)
WF13F 600/30lb Dacron
WF14F 575/30lb Dacron
WF15F 500/30lb Dacron
WF13F 950/50lb Gel Spun
WF14F 900/50lb Gel Spun
WF15F 850/50lb Gel Spun

Weight 12.9 oz.

Spool Size 5" X 1.57"

Drag Technology 6 NanoCF Drag™ Discs

MSRP $599.95

Extra Spool $239.95

If pelagic pursuit is the name of your game then your’re going to need a monster to tame the beasts that get your heart pumping. Toss your 14-16 weight fly line into the slick, wash or blitz and make sure you get a good hook set because your undoubtedly in for a ride.


If you hunt Billfish, Tuna, or Sharks, your going to want a winch with both big-time stopping power and enough backing to keep you from getting nervous on line crackling runs. If it’s your plan to chase some of the biggest fish targetable on a fly, you’re going to need the T-150.  With 6 compressed Nano CF Drag™ Discs, this is the ultimate heat-dispersing weapon to give you the fight of your life. Not for the faint of heart. Don’t even pick up the rod if you’re not ready for battle. 

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