The Schmidtinator in Natural

*These flies are made to order. They are not stocked. There will be a wait time associated with these custom flies. If you purchase other items from 239 flies that are stocked, we will ship the stocked items immediately, and these custom flies will ship upon their completion. If you are in need of flies immediately, please shop Enrico Puglisi or Fulling Mil patterns. 

A custom request turned standard issue.The Schmidtinator is a slight mash up on the megalolipop HD but tweaked for big gold fish instead of big silver fish. If big high floating pumpkins near the French quarter is what you desire, roll up this fishy crêpe and pop a beignet or three. You're going to need the calories for that game of tug-a-war.  

  • This fly is tied standard on a gamakatsu SL12S size 1/0 hook with a single 40lb weed guard. If you would like any custom changes or have any specific requests, please inquire prior to ordering to insure accuracy of your order. After we ensure your request can be met, please leave a note in the comment section of your order stating your instructions.

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