Creek Freak Three

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There's a small cult of us that are obsessed with hiking miles of backcountry to a small creek running down the side of a mountain to catch the gorgeous wild or native trout that live in them. If you're that guy or gal, then this bundle is pieced together specifically for you. We have the Sage Trout LL 7' 9" 3 weight paired with a Ross Evolution LTX 3/4 and strung up with Airflo Ridge 2 Tactical taper. The Sage Trout LL is balanced perfectly with the Ross Evo LTX, and the Airflo Tactical line is made for short, technical casts in tight quarters. This setup is perfect for presenting tiny dries to spooky winter time trout on that lucky sunny and 45 degree day, or chucking a size 10 chubby on an early summer morning to hungry brookies. 


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We will call you for color and retrieve on the LTX.