Hatch Finatic Gen 2 - 12 Plus

Conventional wisdom says: Never take a knife to a gunfight. And when you’re tackling big fish like the ones this reel was designed for, then I think that’s really sound advice. GTs or tuna, just to name a few, can undo your average gear in a fraction of a second. You will not find a better fish-fighting tool on the market for these situations. Oh yeah, it’s also great for big spey applications.


Custom paint colors available for $40 up-charge. Please email Nick@239flies.com for ordering directions while we work to set up a custom hatch reel builder. Custom paint colors include:
  • White, Silver, Light Yellow, Yellow, Light Orange, Orange, Translucent Orange, Red, Translucent Red, Translucent Crimson, Pink, Translucent Pink, Purple, Translucent Purple, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Translucent Blue, Dark Blue, Navy, Lime, Translucent Lime, Green, Translucent Green, Copper, Gold, Gray, Black, Translucent Black. 
















































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