Matts Trophy Bonefish Beater 9wt

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If you haven't heard, our good friend Captain Matt Pourbaix has a series bone to pick. This dude fishes Biscayne Bay for legit monster bonefish. We're talking 10lbs plus. Ive been over to fish with Matt to scope these things out personally... and damn did I have the wrong gear. These fish are smart. They didn't get this big being dumb. And the conditions are brutal. We saw 40 fish over 10lbs in about 4 hours. We had "shots" at about 10 of them. I would say these "shots" were at 70 feet with fish going away from us into 20mph wind you had to back hand because if the boat got in the windpipe that fish will be at 130 feet and freaked the hell out by the time you made another false cast. My dumb ass brought a 7 weight with redfish taper line like a complete idiot. It was a trip to the zoo for me... I got to look at the animals but didn't get to pet them. The gear for this game is crucial. You need a light rod you can cast all day, but its gotta have an ass or you just wasting your time. You need a rod thats a scalpel AND a sledge hammer. You need a Sage Igniter. This rod is both touchy and delicate but doesn't lack the balls to beat a 20mph wind in your face. You need a bonefish taper fly line because you'll need to carry 50-60 feet in the air, and shoot it 70 or 80. You're not wet loading a redfish taper at 40 feet and blasting it to 80 with that wind in your face. And because the giants are not forgiving, you need a reel that won't fail. A technology thats primitive but has stood the test of time... a cork drag Tibor riptide. This is the tool. Good luck. And just to be clear you're going to need a shit ton of luck... and I'm afraid we dont have enough in stock. 

Rod: Sage igniter 9wt 

Reel: Tibor Riptide (frost silver, red drag knob, black stop nut)

Line: SA Amplitude Bonefish