Nick's Six Pack

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The 6 weight combo is a really fun piece of equipment to use. I like throwing the 6 when the water is real low and the redfish and snook won't be able to get you into the trees. Its kinda sketchy using a rod this light for what could potentially be the fish of lifetime, however if the mangrove roots are exposed, there won't be any way for a fish to get you wrapped up. Its also perfect for beach fishing for the exact same reason. As long as you don't run out of backing you're in the clear...which is also why we pair this with the XL max as you can fit nearly 200 yards on the spool with 6 weight line. And for skittish fish, nothing compares to the faint touch of a 6 weight, its the scalpel of the surgeons tools. 

Rod: Waterworks Lamson Cobalt Salt Water 

Reel: Nautius XL Max (silver looks best, standard black available by request. All custom options available a la carte)

Line: Airflo Tropical Redfish 6 wt line

Backing: Free 20# Dacron. GSB available a la carte