RIO's Signature Bonefish Assortment - 8PK

Some bonefish fisheries are more technical than others, which is why it is good to have flies on hand that the fish have likely never seen before. Add this to your Classical Bonefish assortment as insurance.

RIO’s Signature Bonefish Assortment is made up of 8 of our favorite patterns and sizes This assortment includes the following flies:

1. RIO's Banana Stand – Pink, Size 8
2. RIO's Banana Stand – Tan, Size 8
3. RIO's Bone Doctor – Tan, Size 4
4. RIO's Bone Doctor – Peach, Size 4
5. RIO's Boney Foo Foo - Fleshy Peach, Size 6
6. RIO's Boney Foo Foo - Pearl/Pink, Size 6
7. RIO's Shot Glass – Tan, Size 8
8. RIO's Shot Glass – Pink, Size 8

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Category: Bonefish, Flies, Permit

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