Skiff Cane - Stake Out Pole

An innovative shallow water anchor system paired with carefully chosen, quality materials make Skiff Cane an excellent boating and fishing companion for years to come. The all composite and polymer design leaves you an all-around quiet anchoring system with zero metal or corrosion issues to deal with.

The Handle: The premium Cork gives you the look and feel of your favorite fishing rod with ultra quiet handling about the boat. Designed to fit in rod tubes where others cant.

The Leash: 10 feet long. Made from high modulus fibers, this is a floating rope that is the strongest and lightest on the planet (Not that you need it ๐Ÿ˜). Soft to the touch, UV resistant, extremely wear resistant, and chemical resistant this rope can be put through the paces. Contains 2 knotless loops with yacht quality rigging. A small loop for the Cane and and a larger loop for your hand or cleat.

The Cane: 8 feet long. Made from a solid unidirectional fiberglass rod for maximum strength with a uniform sharpened tip for ease of anchoring and durability.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do and we are committed to giving you the best product possible. You have our full support after your purchase to contact us with any questions.