The Top Choice 11 Weight

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This is the smart combo. The Echo Prime II Pro and Nautilus CCFX2 silver king. If you're chasing big tarpon or using this stick year round, maybe think about stepping the rod up to a Loomis NRX  Pro 1, or Scott Sector 2 piece. But if you're using this stick seasonally you dont NEED to drop a G note on it. You can spend half that and get 80% of the rod with the new Echo Prime II 11 weight 2 piece. This thing has the power to send it and the back bone to bend it. Our good friend Capt Drew Naeckle uses the Prime II exclusively and he challenges himself every year with "The 100 poons of June." Its a very light rod that casts very well. Its not pool noodle and its not a telephone poll... and theres PLENTY of 11 and 12 weight telephone polls and pool noodles even in the high end price range. Throw the backing holding beast Nautilus Silver King reel on it and you've got a combo that could pull a jeep out of the mud. The Silver King holds nearly 350 yards of gel spun backing and will retrieve 14" of line per turn. And it sounds sooooooooo good. We're going to guess the majority of the people after something like this are fishing for tarpon with this set up, so we picked an Airflo Ridge Tropical Saltwater full intermediate line. 


Rod: Echo Prime II 11wt Pro

Reel: Nautilus CCFX2 Silver King (Black)

Line: Airflo Ridge Tropical Saltwater