The Holiday Gift Guide For People You Actually Like

Nov 22, 2019

"I don't know what else to say, except it's Christmas and we're all in misery."

- Ellen Griswold 

Truth be told, I'm a pretty terrible gift giver. Maybe it's because my family is frick'n huge and my sister, our unofficial Davis family Christmas coordinator, refuses to buy into the idea of a secret Santa, or everyone getting assigned a family member to buy for.  So we're stuck buying gifts for everyone in the Davis family compound. Luckily we actually like each other, at least prior to the start of holiday season when we're all still semi tolerable. So in the spirit of our pseudo Griswold family Christmas, I decided to type up a quick guide for you do some shopping for the fly fisherman on your list you might actually like too. With that said, you by no means have to like the person you're buying these things for, we won't ask those questions here, promise. #NoJudgment 

🎄Stocking Stuffers🎄

Simple and easy gifts around $30 that just say, "Wow, this is useful and thoughtful, mom really does love me." If you're after something for a fly tyer, a new bobbin is always thoughtful. Maybe a nice one that your tyer might not buy for him or herself. A pair of nippers always comes in handy, or some sun protection so we're not giving the gift of a dermatologist referral next year. Heres some handy links to some good ideas:

Rite Bobbin

Umpqua Nippers


🎄 Under $100 🎄

There ain't a damn thing wrong with buying someone clothes, especially technical fly fishing apparel. I think it's safe to say that most anglers won't drop $60-$80 on a shirt for themselves, but damn do they love wearing their Patagonia sun hoody or Simms bugstopper solarfelx every single time they go fishing if it's given to them. For this reason technical apparel makes a great gift. They'll enjoy their time on the water even more when their in clothing thats made to keep them cool and comfortable. A loon tying tool kit is also a nice way to say "get out of my hair sweetie and go to your room"...even if they're a grown ass man or woman. Or better, some 239 Tying kits if legos aren't really appropriate any more. If this person just has it all, then maybe grab their boujee ass a piece of Sightline Provisions swag. Everyone loves jewelry on the holidays. Here's your shopping list:

Patagonia tropic comfort hoody

Simms Bugstopper Solarflex Hoody

Loon Tool Kit

239 Fly Tying Material Kits (aka angler legos)

Sight Line Provisions 

🎄 Under $250 🎄

The sugar cookie jar is wide open at this point. You can always give yourself the gift of free time if you're shopping for your significant other and literally force them into a new fly tying. $250 gets you a great Renzetti vise that will have them off their phones, off your back and away from the TV probably for a good hour or two at a time. Seriously though, if your fly fisherman doesn't tie flies, they might just love to start. We do have plenty of instruction and help along the way on our site. Another really great idea is to get them a bag or box of some sort. Fishpond USA makes the Louis Vuitton of fly fishing bags and they make a great gift. If you're buying for a fly fisherman that mainly fishes on foot, I'd recommend the sling or lumbar pack. If they have a boat, Fishpond's boat bags are next level. Last suggestion would be a good rain jacket. Rain gear is one of those things that can really save your ass on the water. It's not the sexiest thing to spend money on in the shop so it's something that says you care and you're thoughtful. 

Renzetti Saltwater Traveler Vise

Fishpond USA Bags

Rain Jackets

🎄 Over $250 🎄

At this point you're looking for something in the words of cousin Eddy, "Real nice Clark." There's always rods and reels in stock and depending on your budget and angling needs of the person you're shopping for we'd be happy to give you suggestions and help you along the way. I promise you, we won't let you screw this up. If you are interested in giving a new set up, try to figure out which weight set ups they already have. If they already have a nice 8 weight set up, maybe think about getting them a 6 weight set up, or an 11. Or if they have a cheap set up and you're looking to upgrade them, relay that info to us too. We'll get you the right gift, just give us a call at 2399083513 or email We'll make it super easy for you. For the sake of putting something here, giving a gift is a good reason to splurge. Maybe think about doing a custom Abel or Nautilus reel. Possibly a personally inscribed T&T or Scott rod. Just be sure to give us as much time as possible on custom orders. Like... lets get the ball rolling today. We do have a few custom products in stock... they won't last long. 

Custom Nautilus Reels

Scott Sector (leave a note in the comments of your order for personal inscription)

In Stock Abel SS 11/12 

🎄 Favorites 🎄

I was going to sneak these in above, but these are honestly my favorite items in the shop. The Fishpond road trip tying bag is simply brilliant. It holds a good amount of materials and a vise when broken down. Also, the echo MPR is the funnest toy/tool in the shop. It's also the most effective way to become a better caster in a hurry. And if you're still lost and don't know what to get, we have some pretty sweet looking gift cards. They can order what they want before lunch and we'll ship it on the 26th first thing. 

Fishpond Road Trip Fly Tying Kit Bag

Echo Micro Practice Rod

239 Flies Gift Card  

- Nick Davis