Airflo Ridge Tropical Saltwater Series Tarpon - Intermediate - Clear/Blue

The thought of setting 4/0 hooks into galvanised buckets with a fly line that wouldn’t act like a bungy cord has always appealed – the reality was even better than we had hoped.
Combining Power Core with our Ridge coatings didn’t disappoint, a line that casts like a bomb, with hooking power that quickly puts you in control. Ridges in the coating reduced ‘hi speed tangles’ – the ridged surface easily sliding over itself as the running line whipped up from the deck.
  • Available in Super-Dri Floating and Intermediate models.
  • Taper: Balanced Taper for Technical Delivery
  • Core: 40lb Power Core
  • Range: WF10 – WF12
  • Coating: Super-DRI Ridged Tropical
  • Polyleader: Tarpon

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