The Go To Dry Fly DIY Kit - Adams
The Go To Dry Fly DIY Kit - Adams
The Go To Dry Fly DIY Kit - Adams

The Go To Dry Fly DIY Kit - Adams

The Go To Dry Fly DIY Kit - Adams

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Kit includes:

  • 1 pack of brown faux bucktail
  • 1 pack of adams grey super fine dry fly dub. 
  • 1 pack of gray ghost krystal flash
  • 1 pack of grizzly brown dry neck chunks
  • 1 pack of grizzly natural dry neck chunks
  • 1 spool of grey Danville 70 denier thread 

**Hooks not included**

Recommended hooks: Gamakatsu R19-B #10 - #18, Umpqua U002 in a #8 - #20

Step by step instructions: 

Step 1: Start by wrapping the thread back to the bend of the hook. 


Step 2: Trim/pull off 2-8 faux bucktail fibers. Make sure they're all even. 

Step 3: Tie them in out the back of the hook and trim off the rest of the fibers. Optional: Tie half on either side of the hook, making somewhat of a V. 


Step 4: Trim off a strand of krystal flash and tie in out the back of the hook. 


Step 5: Grab a pinch of super fine dry fly dubbing and spin around thread. Wrap forward about 2/3 up to the eye of the hook, adding more dubbing as necessary. 


Step 6: Counter-wrap(opposite direction as your thread) the krystal flash over the dubbing, about 3-6 wraps. Tie off and trim the leftover flash. 


Step 7: Find one feather in each color with almost the exact same dimensions, and pull off of the dry neck chunks.  


Step 8: Tie in both feathers at the edge of the dubbing. 


Step 9: Tightly palmer(wrap) both feathers around the hook all the way up to the eye. 


Step 10: Tie off at the eye of the hook and trim the rest of the feather off. 


Step 11: Whip finish, and you're done!

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