Megalolipop HD DIY Kit - Lemon Lime

Kit includes:

Medium cactus chenille - Red
Black bared chartreuse over yellow magnum zonker strips
UV polar chenille - Chartreuse
Arctic fox - Chartreuse
EP 1.5" foxy brush - Yellow
Medium bead chain eyes - Black
Danville 210 denier thread - Green
Zap gel

    Step by step instructions here



    To tie the "Poon Foxy" fly add the following ingredients:
    1/8" Stick On Eyes - Yellow
    Loon Hard Head - Green
    Loon UV Thick


    To tie the "Schmidtinator" add the following ingriedients:
    Lead Eyes - Small Charteuse
    Sili Legs - Charteuse Orange Tip
    Sili Legs - Yellow Bared

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