NDCver DIY Kit - Threadfin

Kit includes:

  • Bucktail - White
  • Bucktail - Lime  
  • Ostrich Plumes (2) - White
  • Krystal Flash - Hering Back
  • Flashabou - Pearl
  • Fluorescent Fly Eye 1/8' - Glow in the Dark
  • Danville 210 Flat Wax Thread - Flo Blue
  • Zap Gel

1 kit will tie approximately 10 flies. There will be materials left over. (Eyes will run out first, 10 pairs included)  

Kit does not include hooks. I highly recommend the Gamakatsu sc15

To complete the head of this fly, you will need Loon UV thick. It is offered is offered separately so you can grab as needed.  





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