Spratz Baby Trout Streamer

$ 5.98

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The new Baby Trout streamer is a simple, effective trout streamer that imitates a Baby Brown or Baby Rainbow Smolt. 

- 2-inch length

- Weighted to give a slow sink while maintaining a horizontal position

- Foam body with a realistic printed-foil coating

- Tied on a sharp #4 Kona Xtra Strong Streamer (XSS) hook enabling you to land bigger fish

- Easy to cast with a 4 or 5 weight fly rod

Originally designed to catch trout in smaller streams, these little streamers are showing great potential for targeting a wide variety of other fish species that love eating 2-inch size minnows and baitfish, such as striped bass, small-mouth bass, snook or anything that may be lurking under your favorite dock-lights!