Sexy Stone DIY Kit - Brown Stone
Sexy Stone DIY Kit - Brown Stone
Sexy Stone DIY Kit - Brown Stone

Sexy Stone DIY Kit - Brown Stone

Sexy Stone DIY Kit - Brown Stone

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Kit includes:

  • 1 pack of brown stripped goose biots
  • 1 pack of brown stonefly nymph blend dub
  • 1 pack of mahogany super fine dry fly dub
  • 1 pack of brown flex floss
  • 1 spool of small copper UNI-soft wire
  • 1 spool brown Danville 70 denier thread 

**Hooks & tungsten beads not included**

Recommended hooks: Umpqua TMC2312 in a #6 - #16. 

Step by step instructions: 

Step 1: Start by wrapping your thread on the hook shank keeping it at the eye of the hook. 


Step 2: Trim/pull off 2 goose biots. 

Step 3: Tie them flat onto the top side of the hook facing forward toward the eye of the hook, slightly angled away from another.


Step 4: Put Tungsten bead(*not included in kit*) onto hook, if desired. 


Step 5: Wrap your thread back to about the middle of the hook shank, staying slightly closer to the eye of the hook.  


Step 6: Trim off a single strand of flex floss, and cut in half. 


Step 7: Tie in one strand on each side of the hook. 


Step 8: Wrap your thread back on the hook to right about where the hook starts to bend. 


Step 9: Trim/pull off 2 more goose biots. 


Step 10: Tie them in the same as before, but facing back past the bend of the hook. 


Step 11: Measure about an inch and a half or 2 inches of the wire. Pinch and rotate in a circular motion until the wire breaks. This leaves the edge less sharp than cutting it, and less likely to break your thread. Tie it in out the back like the goose biots. 


Step 12: Grab a pinch of super fine dry fly dub, and spin it around your thread. Wrap forward until you get to the flex floss, reapplying dubbing as necessary. 


Step 13: Grab the wire and counter-wrap(the opposite way you wrapped the thread) up to the flex floss. Tie it off and pinch/rotate the wire to break it the same way as before. 


Step 14: Grab a pinch of the nymph blend dubbing, and spin around the thread. Wrap forward to the eye of the hook or bead, making sure to wrap under the forward facing flex floss. 


Step 15: Whip finish, and you're done!

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