EP Para Dry Fly DIY Kit - 828 Special
EP Para Dry Fly DIY Kit - 828 Special
EP Para Dry Fly DIY Kit - 828 Special

EP Para Dry Fly DIY Kit - 828 Special

EP Para Dry Fly DIY Kit - 828 Special

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Kit includes:

  • 1 pack of grey dun faux bucktail
  • 1 pack of cahill wing trigger point fibers 
  • 1 pack of copper krystal flash
  • 1 pack of grizzly olive dry neck chunks
  • 1 pack of white EP 3D fibers
  • 1 spool of yellow Danville 70 denier thread 

**Hooks not included**

Recommended hooks: Gamakatsu R19-B #10 - #18, Umpqua U002 in a #8 - #20

Step by step instructions: 

Step 1: Start by wrapping the thread back to the bend of the hook. 


Step 2: Trim/pull off 2-8 faux bucktail fibers. Make sure they're all even. 

Step 3: Tie them in out the back of the hook and trim off the rest of the fibers. Optional: Tie half on either side of the hook, making somewhat of a V. 


Step 4: Trim off a strand of krystal flash and tie in out the back of the hook. 


Step 5: Grab about half a pencil width of EP 3D fibers and trim it to quarter length of the whole fiber. Tie it in at about 2/3 up the hook shank facing forward. 


Step 6: Trim a toothpick width of EP trigger point fibers and tie in at the bend of the hook. Wrap forward to the eye of the hook, making sure to wrap under the EP 3D fiber parachute post. 


Step 7: Counter-wrap(opposite direction as your thread) the krystal flash over the trigger point fibers, about 3-6 wraps. Tie off at the base of the parachute post, and trim the leftover flash. 


Step 8: Wrap thread around the parachute post, up about 1/4 inch or so. 


Step 9: Tie in feather at the top of the thread base on the parachute post. 


Step 10: Tightly palmer(wrap) the feather around the parachute post all the way to the base of the post. 


Step 11: Tie off at the base of the parachute post and trim the rest of the feather off. 


Step 12: Whip finish, and you're done!

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